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Why You Should Be Careful With Fraudulent Diet Supplements

Dieting can be an arduous task if one’s not equipped with the proper know-how and tools to do it. You may have heard from your local gym bros and sisters from Instagram or any other social media platform that you only need to do this exercise to build abs, or you need to take this supplement to slim down, which does have some element of truths attached, but sadly the information is not complete.


The best way to do anything, especially a task that directly affects your health and well-being, is a method that is backed up by science; otherwise, it could lead to severe health problems. Trust us when we say that people are built differently, and if something works for a person, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for others. Fitness influencers might recommend cheap pills and claim that they work wonders but the most effective diet pills for women are actually few in number.

Background and Side-Effects of Fraudulent Diet Supplements

Diet supplements are special health supplements made from various ingredients that could help you shed those extra layers of unwanted fat from your physique to help you be healthy and fit. Since its popularization in the early 1990s, the FDA has strictly monitored its advancement and distribution to help curb fraudulent products that are harmful and dangerous to consume. It is something to be expected; whenever a product or a trend becomes popular, naturally, there would be copycats trying to ride on their coattails for the sake of fame and fortune.

These people are ready to sacrifice your health and well-being for their profit. Even though federal officials like the FDA have been working hard to expose and regulate these fraudulent diet supplements from harming the public, sometimes these shams manage to slip through the cracks and are consumed by the masses. They are directly responsible for health problems like:

  • Stomach-ache
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath

FDA’s Warning and Response

FDA Approved

The FDA does not approve dietary supplements. Therefore, they are not reviewed directly by the FDA since the FDA is unauthorized to do so. Diet supplements are classified as food; thus, the FDA’s drug regulations were never applied to them, so it is within the manufacturer’s own responsibility to ensure the supplements’ safety and efficacy. You can notice a few signs from fraudulent supplements:

  • Claim to be approved by the FDA
  • Claim to be an alternative to steroids
  • Marketed by email marketing
  • Don’t have a legitimate product seal
  • Claims to have rapid effects especially pertaining to sexual performance

The Takeaway

We cannot rely on others to provide safety for us. It is best to be smart about our choices, especially when we choose to purchase diet supplements. Because of the prevalence of fraudulent products, genuine products suffer from bad names and reputations. Before you commit to a purchase, make sure that the product you purchase comes from a trusted seller with good market credibility and honest reviews from past buyers to help you make that decision. Overall, diet supplements can help you achieve your fitness goals faster but be wary of dangerous products on the market that claims to be approved by the FDA. Stay smart and stay safe!


Reasons Why You Should Give CBD a Try

Like many other people, you may have heard about CBD. CBD has been trending on social media for some time now. Even a good number of influential public figures have endorsed the use of CBD. The cannabinoid is considered a life changer by most people.

It is a shame that it took a long time for many people to discover the benefits of CBD. Even though history shows that some communities used hemp for medical reasons, some have found out the plant’s benefit recently.

As CBD is now legal, you may be thinking of buying and using a CBD product. Since most people are not familiar with CBD, some may have some doubts. Here are some health benefits of CBD and why you should give it a try.

Depression and Anxiety

womanThe rate at which people are suffering from health conditions related to mental health is alarming. Unfortunately, many do not know the importance of maintaining good mental health. As mentioned earlier in the text, CBD has been credited with having many health benefits, and one benefit is helping those with depression and anxiety.

CBD has properties that ensure those depressed have something to smile about. If you have been having a tough day at work, you should consider using CBD to help you relax and enjoy life. The best cbd oil for depression is found in the many hemp dispensaries and online stores.


woman holding CBD productMany people are suffering from different kinds of pain. Pain is not only unbearable sometimes, but it can lower the quality of life. People find it hard to conduct their daily responsibilities when suffering from pain. CBD has properties that are essential in reducing pain.

Many have given detailed accounts of how CBD helped them reduce pain. Whether it is a headache or pain from an injury, CBD will help you. Unlike common painkillers, CBD is not addictive as the body can not build a tolerance.


Some people do not get the required amounts of sleep every day. Some would like to have better sleeping periods, but they cannot because of certain ailments. If you are having trouble sleeping, you should consider using CBD.

CBD has properties that make the body relaxed. Having adequate sleep periods is essential in promoting physical and mental health. If you take CBD before going to bed, you will wake up the next day full of energy.

For more insights regarding CBD and its health benefits, you should consider talking to your doctor.

hemp oil

What Are the Best Hemp Oil Benefits?

Hemp oil is obtained from pressing hemp seeds. It may also refer to full-spectrum oil from the cannabis sativa plant. On the other hand, cannabidiol oil (CBD oil) is extracted from the flower, stalk, and leaves of the hemp plant, which have higher CBD content. Therefore, hemp oil does not have the same concentration of the compounds as the CBD oil, but it is still rich in useful nutrients, bioactive compounds, and fatty acids. Both CBD and hemp oils have many benefits to the body, and it would help to use them.

Do you want to know some of the best benefits of hemp oil, other than the nutrients? Read on.

Healthy Skin

healthy skinIf you have skin problems, hemp oil can improve your skin due to the omega 3s in it. A study was conducted in 2005 to compare the effectiveness of hemp oil and olive oil in people with eczema. The study focused on itchiness, sky dryness, and topical medicine to treat the condition. It was observed that including hemp oil in the diet supposedly had a better effect than olive oil. A 2015 review also backs the hemp oil’s efficacy because it shows that hemp oil as part of a general treatment plan could benefit psoriasis and other skin conditions.

Better Heart Health

Due to the rich nutrient profile, hemp seed oil may be good for your heart. But most of the studies in this area are from animal models and older studies. An older study in the ‘Nutrition and Metabolism’ journal shows the rich profile of nutrients from the hemp seeds, from which hemp oil is derived. It shows that those nutrients can positively impact various health issues like cholesterol levels, blood pressure, atherosclerosis, etc. Moreover, a 2014 study shows that hemp oil seems to reduce cardiovascular disease.

Reduce the Intensity of PMS and Menopausal Symptoms

Hemp oil may help lessen the intensity of PMS and menopausal symptoms due to fatty acids in it. A 2011 study found that administering 1 gram of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a hemp-based omega-6 fatty acid, to people with PMS helped them have fewer, less severe symptoms. Moreover, a 2010 study on rats led to the findings that the fatty acid found in hemp oil could help slow down the symptoms of menopause.

reusable cloth masks

Advantages of Wearing Reusable Cloth Masks

The COVID-19 pandemic has badly and greatly affected the whole world in all spheres of life- economically, health-wise, socially, and in many other aspects of life. The spread of this disease is very fast and is draining the resources of even the strongest economies. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended using face masks to curb the spread of the disease. And governments world over are implementing the recommendation.

The following are some advantages of using reusable cloth masks:

Minimize Wastage of Single-Use Masks

It is surprising to note that millions of single-use surgical face masks are produced every year. There is an increased use of single-use masks surgical by the public who don’t know how to dispose of them correctly. This has triggered a serious environmental nightmare because used surgical masks are strewn all over, thus posing an ecological catastrophe. A reusable face mask comes in handy here because it can be used many times, reducing the waste and hence a cleaner environment.

Reduce Short Supply of Surgical Masks

single use masksBecause of the massive demand during the pandemic period, surgical masks are in short supply. They are urgently required by the doctors, caretakers, and other healthcare professionals charged with being actively involved with saving the lives of the patients who have contracted the disease.

Therefore, the general public doesn’t need the surgical grade masks. This is because cloth masks are equally effective in preventing droplets from the nose and the mouth from splashing and possibly infecting other people.

Saves Money

reusable cloth masks save moneyA single reusable face mask can be reused even 30 times and over, saving more than 30 single-use surgical face masks. This will save stocks of the much-needed surgical masks for doctors and health workers. Moreover, it will save money for the general public and also the governments during these hard times. Cloth face masks eliminate the worry of contamination because you wash and dry the face cover, ready to use again.

Takes Care of the Low Capacity to Dispose

In a hospital environment, surgical masks are disposed of properly to avoid contamination by way of incineration. Since the general public cannot adhere to the recommended disposal, there is a great risk of contamination and adverse environmental impact due to unsafe and unhygienic surgical masks’ removal. This issue is easily solved with a reusable cloth mask because fewer single-use face covers will be used and disposed of correctly.


Tips for Choosing Perfect Fitness Equipment

If you want to keep fit and ensure that you do not put on the excess weight that will deform your shape, then you will need to make exercises part of yours. When most people hear about keeping fit, what comes to their mind is going to the gym. While that can be the truth, it is good to understand that it is not a must to go to the gym to keep fit. You can buy the equipment that you will use at your comfort.

If you think that buying your equipment is a good idea, then read this article to the end. You will get an idea on which equipment will serve you better.

Elliptical Trainers

These are some of the machines that you can rarely miss in any modern fitness facility. Elliptical trainers are designed to provider trainer with circular up and down motion that helps to sweat off all the dirt from the body. With this machine, you have the liberty to choose the kind of resistance that you think is the best for you. If you think that you are very strong and that you want to shade off the excess weight as fast as possible, high resistance will do perfectly.

Bowflex Lateralx

This is one of the modern training machines that we have in the market. It is effective and those who have used can tell you that it is capable of giving you the killer workout that you need to regain your shape within the shortest time possible. It is also good to mention that this machine has the ability to improve the way you move. You can check out one Bowflex LateralX review for more information.

Stationary Bicycle

exerciseYou love cycling but you do not want to do where a lot of people keep staring at you? If yes, then you should think of buying a stationary bicycle. This is one, you do not need any kind of training to be able to use. You just need to climb on your bike and start cycling. It gives you a good cardiovascular workout that you need to have strong muscles.

Bottom Line

Buying your own exercise equipment is the best way to overcome obesity and other health problems associated because of lack of exercises. The stress of having to go to the gym will be eliminated. However, before you buy the equipment, it is important to make sure that you have enough space in your home. Avoid a situation where you buy equipment and you cannot use it because you do not have enough space.