Who We Are

Enrolling in fitness gyms may be expensive and may consume most of your idle time.

Undone Chocolate Health Corner is a zealous advocate of ‘fitness gyms in our homes’ to make your fitness endeavors less financially challenging in the long run while having extra time for other activities of daily living. This advocacy will significantly inspire fitness awareness among family members which may soon make up your formidable support group.

Making your ‘home gym’ starts with acquiring the least expensive and easiest pieces of fitness equipment. From dumbbells to resistance bands, from jump ropes to foam rollers with having acquired gym basics first like yoga mats and medicine balls. With our prescribed fitness regimen focused with these pieces for the next few weeks and while your body adjusts to the increasing levels of intensity, money could have been saved for the next set of fitness equipment like elastic sit up roll and bench press. For other affordable home gym equipment, we have product specifications by various manufacturers made available for you.

While we give specific training regimen to interested members of the family on the use of your home gym, a gradual increase in intensity may follow and it may mean the use of your outdoors near you to compensate for those expensive heavy gym equipment which may equally mean the same on your pocket. We will figure all parts of your regimen depending on your health condition.